DUDDŪṄ RĀM, a saintly person of Paṇḍorī, in present-day Amritsar district of the Punjab. He gave shelter in his ḍerā at Paṇḍorī to some Sikh women and children when the Sikhs were being hounded out in 1817 Bk /AD 1760 by the joint forces of the sūbahs of Sirhind, Multān and Lahore under the orders of Ahmad Shāh. A Nirañjanīā informed the Mughal scouts, who searched the ḍerā. As no Sikhs were apprehended inside the ḍerā, Duddūṅ Rām and his disciples were tortured, but they gave out nothing. The informer thought that the Sikh women and children had taken refuge in the adjoining sugarcane fields. As the Sikhs were captured, Duddūṅ Rām and some others went to Momin Khān, the Mughal chief, to request him to intercede on their behalf, but to no avail. Momin Khān took the captives to Paṭṭī where many other Sikh prisoners were being treated with much harshness.

Dharam Siṅgh