FATEH CHAND MAIṆĪ, RĀJĀ, a ranked citizen of Paṭṇā in Bihār, who served Gurū Tegh Bahādur with dedication during his visit in 1665. Fateh Chand and his wife were devout Sikhs and received the Gurū and his family with great honour. They put them up in their newly built house, themselves continuing to live in the old one. After the departure of the Gurū's family for the Punjab, the couple converted their house into a dharamsālā for the saṅgat or devotees to assemble in holy congregation. The place came to be known as Maiṇī Saṅgat. On the site now stands Gurdwārā Bāl Līlā Maiṇī Saṅgat. This is a new building, but the porch of the old one has been kept intact. On the entrance wooden door are carved the Mūl Mantra and the date "Sambat 1725 Assū vadī 10" corresponding to 28 August 1668.


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