FATEH KHĀN (d. 1818), son of Pāindā Khān, the Bārakzaī chief, who overthrew Shāh Zamān, the king of Afghanistan (1793-1800), and placed his half-brother Shāh Mahmūd on the throne of Afghanistan, himself becoming prime minister. Shāh Mahmūd was dethroned in 1803 and was succeeded by Shāh Shujā'. Fateh Khān expelled Shāh Shujā' in 1809 and restored Shāh Mahmūd to sovereignty. Shāh Shujā' fell into the hands of 'Atā Muhammad Khān,, the governor of Kashmīr. As Kashmīr was the richest province of the kingdom of Afghanistan, Fateh Khān turned his attention towards ' Atā Muhammad Khān. He concluded a treaty with Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh for a joint expedition to Kashmīr which was undertaken in 1812. 'Atā Muhammad was defeated and replaced by Fateh Khān's real brother, Muhammad 'Azīm Khān, but Fateh Khān did not fulfill the terms of the treaty, and the Sikh general, Dīwān Mohkam Chand, seized Shāh Shujā' who was brought to Lahore. Raṇjīt Siṅgh took Attock in June 1813. Fateh Khān and his brother, Dost Muhammad Khān, made an attempt to regain the fort, but were defeated by Dīwān Mohkam Chand. Recovery of Attock remained the dream of Fateh Khān till his death in 1818.


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Harī Rām Gupta