FATEH SHĀH (d. 1716) was the ruler of the Himalayan state of Srīnagar (Gaṛhvāl) from 1684 to 1716. He had strained relations with Rājā Medinī Prakāsh of Sirmūr. When Gurū Gobind Siṅgh made Pāoṇṭā his headquarters in April 1685 at the invitation of the latter, he brought about reconciliation between Fateh Shāh and the Sirmūr chief. According to Sikh chroniclers, Gurū Gobind Siṅgh sent presents through his dīwān, Nand Chand, to Rājā Fateh Shāh on the occasion of the marriage of his daughter to Ajmer Chand, son of Rājā Bhīm Chand of Kahlūr. Bhīm Chand, who resented the cordiality which existed between Gurū Gobind Siṅgh and Fateh Shāh, urged the Srīnagar ruler not to accept the presents sent by the Gurū. He also urged him to join hands with him in waging war upon the Gurū. Fateh Shāh obliged him by joining the attacking host against the Gurū in the battle of Bhaṅgāṇī fought on 18 September 1688, 10 km northeast of Pāoṇṭā. For the Gurū it was a mystery why he should have done so: in the Bachitra Nāṭak he said that Rājā Fateh Shāh "raged and fought with me purposelessly." Rājā Fateh Shāh's later years were occupied in contest with the rulers of Kumāoṅ. He died in 1716.


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K. S. Thāpar