FAZALDĀD KHĀN CHIB (d. 1864), son of Rājā Umar Khān Chib, was recipient of a pension of rupees four thousand from Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh which was originally granted to his elder brother Amīr Khān as compensation for the confiscated territory of his father. Fazaldād Khān was taken into service by Prince Khaṛak Siṅgh to whom the area of Khārī Kaṛiālī, the territory which had belonged to Fazaldād Khān's ancestors, was given in jāgīr. Ten years later some sovārs or horsemen were also allowed him. Fazaldād Khān accompanied Sher Siṅgh Aṭārīvālā to Multān in 1848, but did not join the rebellion. He died in 1864.


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G. S. Nayyar