GALOṬĪĀṄ KHURD, village in Ḍaskā tahsīl of Siālkoṭ district in Pakistan, claimed a historical Sikh shrine commemorating the visit in 1659-60 of Gurū Har Rāi, Nānak VII. Earlier Gurū Hargobind, his predecessor, had also passed through Galoṭīāṅ on his way back from Kashmīr in 1620. The Gurdwārā, a two-storeyed domed sanctum within a spacious marble-floored hall, was affiliated to the Shiromaṇī Gurdwārā Parbandhak Committee, Amritsar. An old banyan tree under which the Gurūs are said to have sojourned during their visits still stood in the Gurdwārā compound in 1947 when the shrine had to be abandoned in the wake of the wholesale evacuation of Sikhs from the newly formed State of Pakistan.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)