GILBERT, SIR WALTER RALEIGH (1785-1853), divisional commander of the British army under Lord Hugh Gough in the first and second Anglo-Sikh wars, son of the Rev Edmund Gilbert, was born in Bodmin, England, in 1785. In 1801, he joined the Bengal infantry as a cadet. He rose to be a major general in 1841, and Lieutenant-general in 1851. He commanded a division of the army under Sir Hugh Gough in the first Anglo-Sikh war, in the battles of Mudkī and Ferozeshāh in December 1845, and at Sabhrāoṅ on 10 February 1846. Hugh Gough eulogized Gilbert's services in his despatches. Gilbert also commanded a division of Gough's army in the second Anglo-Sikh war, in the battles of Chelīāṅvālā (13 January 1849) and Gujrāt (21 February 1849) .

        Gilbert was created a baronet in 1851. He died in London on 12 May 1853.


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