GOBIND JAS, RĀI (d. 1846) served, like his father Rāi Anand Siṅgh, as a vakīl or agent of the Sikh kingdom, first at Ludhiāṇā and then at Delhi. His despatches from Ludhiāṇā contain reports concerning various political matters such as the Indus navigation scheme, the Ropaṛ meeting, Alexander Burnes' mission to Kābul, the Tripartite treaty, Lord Auckland's visit to Fīrozpur, and the passage of British troops across the Punjab to Kābul. He was one of Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh's most well-informed counsellors on Anglo-Sikh affairs.

        Gobind Jas died in 1846.


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B. S. Nijjar