GOSHṬĀṄ MIHARVĀN JĪ KĪĀṄ, by Soḍhī HariJī (d. 1696), is a biography of the author's father, Soḍhī Miharbān, written in anecdotal style of the janam sākhīs. Biographical details, however, are sparse; the work mainly contains theological discourses of Soḍhī Miharbān and his interpretations of gurbāṇī, the sacred utterances of the Gurūs. The author describes Miharbān as an incarnation of Shukdeva, a mythological Hindu sage, who was reborn (as Miharbān) with the sole aim of explaining the gurbāṇī. The exposition presented is however Harijī's own and does not always conform to Sikh principles and beliefs. There are 45 goshṭīs or discourses in all. A poetic composition at the end, a panegyric on Soḍhī Miharbān, probably by Harijī himself, is described as 46th goshṭī in some manuscripts. The language of the Goshṭāṅ generally is a mixture of Hindi and Punjabi, though at places one does come across good specimens of chaste Punjabi prose of the time. The work has not so far been published. Two copies in manuscript form are preserved, one each in Central Public Library of Paṭiālā, (catalogue No. 2527) and Sikh Reference Library, Amritsar (catalogue No. 3510). The latter manuscript was, however, lost in cataclysmic events of 1984.


    Kirpāl Siṅgh ed., Janam Sākhī Paramprā. Patiala, 1969

Krishnā Kumāri Bāṅsal