GULĀBĀ, a former masand or local saṅgat leader who, after the abolition of the office by Gurū Gobind Siṅgh in 1698-99, had settled at Māchhīvāṛā in present-day Ludhiāṇā district of the Punjab, faithfully served the Gurū and his three companions coming out after the battle of Chamkaur (December 1705). Gulābā, finding them in the forest outside Māchhīvāṛā, brought them to his house inside the village and put them up in his chubārā, room on the first floor. He served them food and arranged their escape further abroad with the help of two Paṭhāns (See GHANĪ KHĀN). The site of Gulāba's house is now marked by Gurdwārā Chubārā Sāhib at Māchhīvāṛā.


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