GUṆVANTĪ, lit. a woman of becoming qualities, is the title of one of Gurū Arjan's compositions, in measure Sūhī, in the Gurū Granth Sāhib (GG, 763). It follows Gurū Nānak's Kuchajī (lit. an awkward, ill-mannered woman) and Suchajī (lit. a woman of good manner). The term guṇvaṇtī is figuratively used for a true, meritorious devotee. Like the hymns of Gurū Nānak, this one too is uttered in the first person, and by implication, it sums up qualities characteristic of a true and pious Sikh. These qualities are: humility, reverence for those who are true Sikhs of the Gurū, desire for the company of those who can lead you to the true Gurū, abandonment of pride and temptation, and subservience to the will of the Gurū. This, according to Gurū Arjan's composition, is the path of righteousness. He who follows it, will never be grieved; he will be rid of all temptations and cravings. He will receive the treasure of bhakti (devotional love), and attain the vision of God.

Tāran Siṅgh