GURDIT SIṄGH MAJĪṬHĪĀ (d. 1853), army general in Sikh times, was son of Amar Siṅgh Majīṭhīā. He entered Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh's service in 1834, and rose to command 3 infantry battalions and a wing of light artillery. General Gurdit Siṅgh was in command of the Lahore troops at Peshāwar in September 1845 when Prince Pashaurā Siṅgh had risen in revolt. He rejected the Prince's call to throw off his allegiance to the Darbār and join him. Gurdit Siṅgh was married to the niece of Dīwān Sāvaṇ Mall, the governor of Multān.

         He died in 1853.


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B. J. Hasrat