GURMAT PRABHĀKAR (gurmat = the Gurū's teaching or instruction; prabhākar = the sun, light, i.e. illuminator or elucidator) is a compendium of Sikh principles and of the Sikh way of life arranged topic-wise and alphabetically by the celebrated Sikh theologian and lexicographer Bhāī Kāhn Siṅgh of Nābhā. First published in 1898, the book is dedicated by the author to "Panth Akālī" who is vowed to the welfare of the people and the country. The purpose of the author was to enable the reader locate in the voluminous Gurū Granth Sāhib verses relevant to any special occasion or to his requirements. Among the topics chosen by the author are: amrit, avatār, ardās, sach khaṇḍ, sukh-dukh, nadari, satsaṅg, sevā, santokh, kartār, karam kāṇḍ, karāmāt, khimā, Gurū Granth Sāhib, nām, nimratā, niraṅkār, pāp, pañj piāre, pañj vikār, bhāṇā, marjīvaṛe, māyā, vairāg, lokāchār, varaṇ, vāḍ virodh and vidvānā dī saṅgat. Quotations in the book are set down in the alphabetical order, using the Gurmukhī script. The author has supplied ample comments and footnotes to correct the perspective on Sikh teaching and principles. The book takes up eight hundred and forty-three topics to illustrate his point; each topic has been elucidated with quotations from Gurū Granth Sāhib. Words requiring annotations have been explained.

         The purpose of the author is to provide information topic-wise on different aspects of the Sikh faith.

         The book remained out of print for many years but has been reprinted in recent years (1970) by the Languages Department of the Punjab Government.

Dharam Siṅgh