GURPRAṆĀLĪ (The Gurūs' genealogy), an unpublished manuscript in Punjabi of unknown authorship held under 388 in the Pañjāb University Library, Chaṇḍīgaṛh. Undated, but the product apparently of late nineteenth century, it comprises a bare six folios tightly written. It opens with an account, introducing some dates, of the origin of the Bedī clan into which Gurū Nānak was born. The lineage is carried on to Sāhib Siṅgh (1756-1834), Bikram Siṅgh (d. 1863) and his sons Sūrat Siṅgh and Sujān Siṅgh. Besides recording dates and places of birth and death of the Gurūs, the manuscript provides similar information about some of the members of their families. Certain events are also dated, not always correctly. Among the dates mentioned are those of the beginning of the digging of the bāolī at Goindvāl (Māgh 21, 1591 Bk/20 January 1535), marriage of Bībī Bhānī (Phāgun 16, 1599 Bk/13 February 1543), founding of Rāmdāspurā (Thursday, Hāṛ 13, 1634 Bk/l0 June 1577), completion of the Gurū Granth Sāhib (Bhādon sudī 1, 1661 Bk/ 16 August 1604), death of Kaulāṅ (Hāṛ 1, 1619 Bk/29 May 1562), battle of Chamkaur (Thursday, Maghar 17, 1762 Bk/ 16 November 1705), battle of Muktsar (Māgh vadī 1, 1762 Bk/18 December 1705), death of Bandā Siṅgh Bahādur (Phāgun sudī 9, 1774 Bk/27 February 1718), death of Bhāī Buḍḍhā (Assū sudī 10, 1688 Bk/26 September 1631) and death of Bhāī Gurdās (Bhādoṅ sudī 8, 1694 Bk/17 August 1637). The author has made use of some other gurpranālīs as well, notably Amritsarī Praṇālikā.

Dharam Siṅgh