GURPRAṆĀLĪ , an anonymous and still unpublished manuscript comprising a mere six folios and preserved in the Motībāgh Palace Library, Paṭiālā, gives a chronology of the events relating to the lives of the Ten Gurūs. The Gurpranālī can be divided into three parts. In the first part are given the dates and places of birth of all the Gurūs along with the names of the children born to them. The following folios record the date and name of place where each of the Gurūs departed this life. At the end is given the total duration of each Gurū's spiritual office. Following the Bālā Janam Sākhī tradition, Kārtik (October-November) is mentioned as the month of Gurū Nānak's' birth. Gurū Gobind Siṅgh is stated to have named the Khālsā as his successor and passed on to it the gurūship before he passed away.

Dharam Siṅgh