GURPRAṆĀLĪ, by Giānī Giān Siṅgh, the well-known Sikh historian, is a genealogical account of the Gurūs. The information contained refers to the dates of their birth, parentage, total period of their time and the dates of their death. Some of the dates recorded are faulty. The author is especially full of reverence describing the Harimandar Sāhib and declares that ablutions in the holy water are several times more auspicious and efficacious than those in the Ganges or at Gayā, Kāshī or Paryāg. The author also describes in certain detail Akāl Buṅgā, Dukh Bhañjanī, Rāmsar and Bābā Aṭal.

         Written originally in 1866, the Gurpraṇālī is included in Bhāī Raṇdhīr Siṅgh Gurpranālīāṅ (1964) and published by the Shiromaṇī Gurdwārā Parbandhak Committee, Amritsar.

Bhagat Siṅgh