GURŪ NĀNAK VIDYĀ BHAṆḌĀR TRUST, aiming at promoting education among Sikhs, was founded in 1924 by Sardār Bahādur Dharam Siṅgh. He had the inspiration from Sant Atar Siṅgh of Mastūāṇā, a Sikh saint widely revered for his piety at that time. The Trust was formally registered on 10 May 1932. Dharam Siṅgh made substantial contributions from his personal assets. Funds were donated by Sant Atar Siṅgh as well. Among the 18 founding members were eminent educationists and publicmen such as Bhāī Jodh Siṅgh, Bhāī Mohan Siṅgh, Bhāī Takht Siṅgh and Professor Tejā Siṅgh. The Trust has since been engaged in its task of spreading secular and religious education among Sikhs. It has opened a large number of schools and aids and maintains several centres for vocational and technical training, libraries, dispensaries, orphanages and dharamsālās. It disburses a large number of scholarships to help Sikh students, especially those from backward classes. At Gurdwārā Rikābgañj in Delhi it runs an institute -- Gurmat Vidyālā -- for training Sikh missionaries and rāgīs.

Jagjīt Siṅgh