GURŪ NĀNAK VIDYAK SOCIETY, established in Bombay in July 1947 by the Deccan Khālsā Dīwān, and registered with the Registrar of Companies on 27 March 1948 to provide educational facilities for the children of refugee families migrating to Bombay from riot affected areas in the north. Funds were raised through voluntary subscriptions, later supplemented by a grant from the state government. The first institution set up under the auspices of the society was the Gurū Nānak High School. The Society now runs two dozen schools, each having a separate management board appointed by it. In addition to the usual academic curriculum, these schools offer instruction in the principles and history of the Sikh faith. It was mainly through the efforts of Gurū Nānak Vidyak Society that Punjabi was recognized as an optional subject of study in the state schools and university degree curricula. The Society also maintains a fairly well-stocked Library, with special sections on Sikhism and Punjabi literature.

Harī Siṅgh