HAṄS RĀM, a Bājpeyī Brāhmaṇ, who came from Fatehpur district of present-day Uttar Pradesh, was one of the poets and scholars employed by Gurū Gobind Siṅgh to render Sanskrit classics into Braj written in Gurmukhī script. Haṅs Rām translated Karṇa Parva of the Mahābhārata. The 1581-stanza work was commenced on Maghar vādī 2, 1752 Bk/12 November 1695 and, as acknowledged by the poet himself, the Gurū bestowed upon him a reward of 60,000, ṭakās (silver coins, rupees), when he completed it. The poet panegyrizes the bounties of the Gurū as well as his bravery in battle. The only known manuscript of his Karṇa Parva is now a part (pp. 711-882) of a voluminous Mahābhārata preserved in the private collection of the Mahārājā of Paṭiālā. A copy in Devanāgarī script is said to be held in the personal Library of the Mahārājā of Vārāṇasī.


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Piārā Siṅgh Padam