HARNĀM SIṄGH, BĀBĀ (d. 1927), an ascetic saint widely respected in the southern districts of the Punjab, was born the son of Bhāl Bīr Siṅgh and Pradhān Kaur of the village of Mansūrvāl in Kapūrthalā district. His original name was Nihāl Siṅgh. Leaving his home at the age of 13, he came in contact with a Nirmalā scholar, Sant Rām Siṅgh, under whom he learnt to read the Sikh Scripture and studied Sanskrit texts of the Nyāya and Yoga schools. It was his wont to recite the Japu 101 times a day. Impressed by his devotion to nām, Sant Rām Siṅgh renamed him Harnām (Harinām, lit. God's Name) Siṅgh and directed him to be his own preceptor. Spending several years in meditation at Amritsar, Harnām Siṅgh roamed about in the Doābā and Mālvā countries. Around 1891 he settled at Bhuchcho Kalāṅ in Baṭhiṇḍā district. Here he stayed for the rest of his life, popular among high and low for his piety, austerity and occult powers. The place came to be known as Rūmī Ḍerā where, besides seekers of boons, came disciples eager to receive instruction. Among the latter was Sant Nand Siṅgh of Kalerāṅ. Bābā Harnām Siṅgh died on Poh vadī 9, 1984 Bk/18 December 1927.


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Gurcharan Siṅgh Giānī