HARPĀLPUR, a village in Paṭiālā district about 20 km south of Rājpurā (30º-28'N, 76-37'E), has a historical shrine called Gurdwārā Srī Mañjī Sāhib Pātshāhī IX, dedicated to Gurū Tegh Bahādur who, according to local tradition, visited the site on Māgh sudī 7, 1731 Bk/23 January 1675. The Gurū is said to have stayed under a banyan tree, about 100 metres north of the village. A modest-looking shrine was established here later. The banyan tree no longer exists, and the old shrine was demolished in 1933, when Sant Sundar Siṅgh Vīrakt (d. 26 April 1935) commenced the construction of the present building. The building, a rectangular hall on a raised plinth, with a square sanctum, was completed after 1947. The ribbed lotus-dome has a gold-plated pinnacle, and there are decorative octagonal domed pavilions on top of the pillars at the corners. The Gurdwārā, managed by a local committee, runs a class for training young boys in scripture-reading and kīrtan as well as a government-aided primary school.

Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)