HUKAM CHAND, DĪWĀN (1807-1869), son of Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh's minister, Dīwān Bhavānī Dās, was appointed a daftarī or record-keeper on the establishment of Prince Khaṛak Siṅgh in 1836 and was promoted the following year to the rank of kārdār or administrator of Satgharā. In 1840, he was sent to Bannū under the orders of Rājā Suchet Siṅgh for the realization of State revenue. Mahārājā Sher Siṅgh conferred upon him the title of Dīwān. In 1847, he was ordered to accompany Lieut Herbert Edwardes to Bannū whom he continued to assist in the settlement of the district until the commencement of the second Anglo-Sikh war. After the British occupied the Punjab in 1849, they allowed him to retain a jāgīr worth 2,300 rupees near Pākpaṭṭan. In 1855, he was appointed tahsīldār of Pasrūr, in Siālkoṭ district, which post he resigned in 1858. Hukam Chand died in 1869.


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