HUKAM SIṄGH MALVAĪ (d. 1846), soldier and jāgīrdār in the Sikh times, was son of Dhannā Siṅgh Malvaī, an important official of the Sikh kingdom. Like his father, Hukam Siṅgh served the Lahore Darbār. In January 1839, he, along with his brother Bachittar Siṅgh escorted Shāhzādā Taimūr to Peshāwar. In 1841, after Mahārājā Sher Siṅgh had ascended the throne, Hukam Siṅgh was sent to Kullū to capture the fugitives, Lahiṇa Siṅgh Sandhāṅvālīā and Kehar Siṅgh Sandhāṅvālīā. For his valuable services he was granted a handsome increase in his jāgīrs.

        Hukam Siṅgh was killed in the battle of Sabhrāoṅ in February 1846.


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