INDIA SECRET PROCEEDINGS (1834-1856), a manuscript series of Indian records at the India Office Library, London, succeeding Bengal Secret and Political Consultations (1800-34) . It includes the entire range of despatches and correspondence of the North-West Frontier Agency from the heyday of Sikh political power in the Punjab down to the annexation of the Punjab in 1849. Among the more important documents are the correspondence relating to the Anglo-Sikh-Scindia affairs; Sikh designs on Sindh and Shikārpur (1834-37); the Indus Navigation Scheme (1838); despatches concerning Macnaghten's mission to Lahore and the Tripartite Treaty (1838); correspondence, despatches, newsletters, intelligence reports, minutes and memoranda relating to the first Anglo-Afghān war and the Sikh co-operation in the British military operations on the Khaibar, especially the despatches of Wade from Peshāwar, and of Clerk from Lahore (1839) ; despatches of Wade, Clerk, Mackeson and other British functionaries dealing with the political affairs at Lahore, Anglo-Sikh relations, the Sikh-Afghān boundaries, passage of the British troops and convoys through the heart of the Punjab and the Punjab Intelligence Reports (1840); despatches of the Agent, North-West Frontier, about the political affairs at Lahore and British policy towards the Sikhs, the passage of Captain Broadfoot with the royal Afghān families through the Punjab, Anglo-Sikh tension on the Sikh boundaries in the Yūsufzaī territory beyoṇd the Peshāwar Valley, political anarchy at Lahore and the Punjab Intelligence Reports (1841); correspondence about the events at Peshāwar, particularly the British offer of Jalālābād to the Sikhs and its evacuation afterwards, and Clerk's despatches and reports from Lahore (1842) ; correspondence relating to the termination of the Tripartite Treaty and proposals for a new Anglo-Sikh treaty and Intelligence Reports on Punjab affairs and statistical data on the Sikh army and its dispositions (1843) ; reports on the events in Lahore, especially the assassination of Sher Siṅgh accession of Mahārājā Duleep Siṅgh, and other events which led to the Anglo-Sikh war (1845- 46).


    Hasrat, Bikrama Jit, ed., The Punjab Papers. Hoshiarpur, 1970

B. J. Hasrat