JAMSHAID KHĀN (d. 1708), Ruhīlā Afghān, was hired by Nawāb Wazīr Khān, faujdār of Sirhind, to assassinate Gurū Gobind Siṅgh, whose friendly relations with Emperor Bahādur Shāh I were perceived by the faujdār as a danger to his own position. Jamshaid Khān with another accomplice caught up with the Gurū at Nāndeḍ, in the South. Jamshaid Khān started attending morning and evening services and one day during the first week of October 1708, as the Gurū lay in his chamber resting after the evening prayer, he fell upon him and stabbed him on the left side near the heart. But before he could repeat the blow, the Gurū struck him down with his sabre. His companion fell under the swords of the Sikhs. Gurū Gobind Siṅgh survived the attack. However after a few days, as he stretched a powerful bow, the wound opened up again and he bled profusely. He passed away on 7 October 1708.


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Piārā Siṅgh Padam