JANAM SĀKHĪ SRĪ GUR NĀNAKU SĀH KĪ by Sant Dās Chhibbar is a versified biography of Gurū Nānak (1469-1539), founder of the Sikh faith, based primarily on Janam Sākhī Bhāī Bālā. A manuscript copy of the work is preserved in the Central Public Library, Paṭiālā, under MS. No. 2737. This script is dated 1838 Bk/AD 1781. Two more manuscripts were preserved in the Sikh Reference Library, Amritsar, until it perished in the army action in 1984. A published version of the work, based on all the three manuscripts then available, has been brought out by Punjabi University, Paṭiālā, in 1985. In the style of Bālā Janam Sākhī, Chhibbar here makes Bālā narrate in the presence of Gurū Aṅgad events relating to Gurū Nānak's life, Paiṛā Mokhā being the scribe. According to Bālā Janam Sākhī it took Bhāī Bālā and Bhāī Paiṛā Mokhā 77 days to complete the work; according to Chhibbar twenty-seven. Stories in the two texts are common though Bālā's Janam Sākhī is in prose and Chhibbar's in verse. Written in Dohirā Chaupaī metres, the latter is a fine example of refined poetry.

Dharam Siṅgh