JAṄGNĀMĀ SARDĀR HARĪ SIṄGH, by Rām Diāl Aṇad, is a versified account, in Punjabi, of Harī Siṅgh Nalvā's last crusade against the Afghāns in which he won the field but lost his life. The poet, about whom not much biographical information is available is a Hindu (Aṇad) Khatrī of Navāṅ Shahar. The poem begins with an invocation to the various Hindu gods (1-6) and goes on to describe the Afghāns' capture of Peshāwar (8). Harī Siṅgh is the only Sikh general who accepts the frontier assignment willingly and happily (10). He moves with his troops to Peshāwar via Rohtās (14), Sarāi Kālā, near Ṭaxilā (15), and Hazārā (17). He was accompanied by Mahāṅ Siṅgh Jawāhar Siṅgh, Jamīt Siṅgh Mūhar and others. Harī Siṅgh is killed fighting against the Afghāns at Jamrūd. Historically, it is not a very significant work as it contains no dates nor any other relevant data. However, it is a fine literary piece and provides a great deal of information about contemporary social life, rituals and customs.

Dharam Siṅgh