JASSĀ MALL (d. 1836), son of Dhanpat, a Brāhmaṇ shopkeeper, of the village of Ḍalvāl, in Jehlum district, joined Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh's service in 1809 as a clerk on five rupees a month. In 1816, he became a treasurer in the Belā Toshākhānā, the treasury for charitable purposes. The following year he was promoted ḍāroghā or custodian of the toshākhānā. On the conquest of Kashmīr in 1819, he became the treasurer of the new province. In 1832, he was given the contract for the revenues of Jehlum and Rohtās districts. He held this contract until his death in 1836. Misr Lāl Siṅgh, later known as Rājā Lāl Siṅgh, was his son.


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Harī Rām Gupta