JASWANT SIṄGH, BHAGAT (1881-1967), prominent in the Gurdwārā Reform movement of 1920-25, was born at Rāwalpiṇḍī, now in Pakistan, on 15 Poh 1938 Bk/27 December 1881, the son of Chaudharī Sajjan Siṅgh. After matriculating from Mission School, Rāwalpiṇḍī, he passed his B.A. examination from Gordon College, Rāwalpiṇḍī. In 1921, he became a member of the Shiromaṇī Gurdwārā Parbandhak Committee, and was elected its general secretary on 16 July 1922. He was arrested in connection with the Gurū kā Bāgh agitation and was released on 14 March 1923. He suffered jail again in the Jaito morchā. He was set free on 26 January 1926 and, when fresh elections to the Shiromaṇī Gurdwārā Parbandhak Committee took place, he was elected a member. Though he was re-elected in 1930, he gradually withdrew himself from gurdwārā politics to be able to give more time to the family's business.

        Bhagat Jaswant Siṅgh died in Ambālā on 22 August 1967.


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