JAWĀHAR SIṄGH, BHĀĪ (d. 1924), one of the Jaito martyrs, was the son of Bhāī Khetū, a Mazhabī Sikh of the village of Kuṇḍal in Fazīlkā tahsīl of Fīrozpur district. He had served in the army for about five years during which time he had been admitted to the rites of the Khālsā. He had also learnt to read and write enough Punjabi to become a fluent reader of the Scripture. He had become an Akālī activist and joined the first shahīdī jathā or martyrs' column ready to die to have the sacrilege at Jaito indemnified. The jathā was fired upon by police as it reached near the Gurdwārā on 21 February 1924. Bhāī Jawāhar Siṅgh was one of those who died in the firing.

Gurcharan Siṅgh Giānī