JODH, BHĀĪ, a Brāhmaṇ turned Sikh, served as a cook in Gurū kā Laṅgar in the time of Gurū Aṅgad as well as of Gurū Amar Dās. He was humble and dedicated and tirelessly cooked and served food at all hours of day. He used to clean the utensils too, contenting himself with the leftovers as fare for himself. As says Bhāī Manī Siṅgh, Sikhāṅ dī Bhagat Mālā, Bhāī Jodh never touched money. "Jodh the cook prepared food in the laṅgar which he kept serving to the Sikhs all day. Himself he lived on what sustenance he could obtain from the used leaf-plates." Bhāī Gurdās, in his Vārāṅ eulogizes him calling him an aṅgel who attained emancipation by humbly serving the Gurū.


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