JUJHĀR SIṄGH HĀḌĀ (d.1696), who comes in for a prominent mention in Gurū Gobind Siṅgh's Bachitra Nāṭak, was a Rājpūt general sent by the Mughal authority to the Sivālik hills in the last decade of the seventeenth century to retrieve its hold on the hill rājās. When the news of Husain Khān's death on 20 February 1696 at the hands of the men of Rājā Gopāl of Guler reached Lahore, Dilāwar Khān, the Mughal chief, despatched Jujhār Siṅgh to the hills. Jujhār Siṅgh recaptured the town of Bhallān, in Unā district, which the hill rājās had occupied, but, before he could consolidate his position, he was attacked by Gaj Siṅgh of Jasvān. In spite of Jujhār Siṅgh's hostility, Gurū Gobind Siṅgh paid him in the Bachitra Nāṭak glowing tributes for his fearlessness and martial prowess. Jujhār Siṅgh, for instance, stood erect like a flagstaff planted on the battlefield. The flagstaff might waver, but not the brave Rājpūt. He did not flinch even when his right-hand man Chandan Rāi was killed. Jujhār Siṅgh alone continued the fight. He was surrounded on all sides but, not caring for the consequences of his action, he rushed headlong into the ranks of his enemy wielding his weapons with dexterity, killing many a valiant soldier and falling, in the end, like a hero.


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