KĀHN SIṄGH ROSĀ (d. 1864), son of Sukkhā Siṅgh, was appointed Jamādār in the Dragoons corps of the Sikh army in 1822 and was placed under General Allard. The following year he was made a Risāldār in the same regiment. In 1829, he was, on General Ventura's recommendation, appointed commandant in the Khās Palṭan, or Life Guards. He served with his regiment in Kullū and Maṇḍī in the hills. He was severely wounded in the chest by a musket shot in the attack on Rājā Suchet Siṅgh in March 1844. In 1848, Kāhn Siṅgh was posted at Peshāwar as colonel of the Dragoons. He was one of the first to join the uprising against the British. A man of great bravery and an admirable cavalry officer, his influence with the army was great. Throughout the second Anglo-Sikh war, he fought stubbornly against the English. After the annexation of the Punjab, Kāhn Siṅgh's jāgīrs were confiscated, though he was granted a cash pension of Rs 600 per annum. Kāhn Siṅgh died in June 1864.


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Sardār Siṅgh Bhāṭīā