KĀHN SIṄGH, son of Bābā Binod Siṅgh, a Trehaṇ Khatrī, was with Gurū Gobind Siṅgh at Nāndeḍ during his last days. He, along with his father, was among the five Sikhs chosen to accompany Bandā Siṅgh Bahādur to the Punjab in 1708. He took part in Bandā Siṅgh's campaigns against the Mughal rulers. After the capture of Sirhind by the Sikhs in May 1710, Kāhn Siṅgh was made deputy to his father who was given charge of the border district of Karnāl. He fought battles against the Mughal commander Fīroz Khān Mevātī at Amīn, Tarāoṛī, Thānesar and Shāhābād to check the latter's advance towards the Punjab. Later, he had differences with Bandā Siṅgh during the siege at Gurdās Naṅgal and left his camp. He was captured and taken to Delhi along with other Sikh prisoners for execution.


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