KALMOṬ (also called Kheṛā Kalmoṭ), village 18 km northwest of Anandpur (31º-14'N, 76º-31'E) in Ropaṛ district of the Punjab, was in 1700 the scene of a clash between the Sikhs and the local Gujjar Raṅghaṛs who challenged Gurū Gobind Siṅgh while out on a chase. The Sikhs defeated the Raṅghaṛs and occupied the fortress. The Raṅghaṛs tried to seize the fortress by night but were repulsed. The fortress is no longer in existence. The shrine established on the site on top of a hillock west of the village was reconstructed in 1975. The two-storeyed building of Gurdwārā Pātshāhī Dasvīṅ, as it is called, has on the ground level a mosaic-floored hall with a verandah in front. The Gurdwārā is maintained by the local saṅgat.


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Gurnek Siṅgh