KĀLŪ NĀTH, son of Jaimal, also called Dātā, a Dhālīvāl Jaṭṭ of the Mālvā region, became a Vaiṣṇav sādhū while still very young and, according to his biographer, Bālmukand Dās, roamed the countryside accompanied by his mother, Mohinī, and young brother, Chīkhā. Later, he settled down under a jaṇḍ tree near Nathāṇā, a village in Baṭhiṇḍā district, and practised severe austerities. During the battle of Mehrāj in 1634, he served Gurū Hargobind and his Sikhs with milk and food. As Gurū Hargobind visited Nathāṇā after the battle, Kālū Nāth offered obeisance and received the Guru's blessing. Kālū Nāth is still remembered with reverence in that part of the Punjab, and an annual fair is held in April at his shrine at Nathāṇā.


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