KAṄGANPUR, a large village along Kasūr-Lodhrāṅ railway line in Lahore district of Pakistan, had a historical Sikh shrine dedicated to Gurū Nānak. Local tradition established Kaṅganpur as the locale of an episode given in the Purātan Janam Sākhī. It is said that once Gurū Nānak accompanied by Bhāī Mardānā came to this village, but the villagers treated them with gross indifference. They did not even let them put up in the village. Before departing, the Gurū blessed them saying, "Vasde raho ---May you live happily here" and went to the next village, Mānak Deke, 3 km away. The inhabitants of this village warmly welcomed the visitors and extended to them their wonted hospitality. On leaving this village, Gurū Nānak remakred, "Ujjaṛ jāo ---May you be dispersed." Bhāī Mardānā was puzzled and questioned the Master about his strange way of blessing the wicked and cursing the virtuous. The Gurū explained that in the former case he had wished the ill-mannered residents of Kaṅganpur to stay where they were, so that they did not spread their sullenness to people elsewhere, whereas he expected the people of Mānak Deke to spread goodness by their gentle example. The Gurdwārā Sāhib at Kaṅganpur used to attract devotees especially on the first of every Bikramī month. It was the site of a largely-attended religious festival on the first of the month of Chet' (mid-March) every year, until it was abandoned in August-September 1947 in consequence of the partition of India.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)