KĀNPUR (26º-25'N, 80º-17'E), formerly Kanhaiyāpur, possesses a Sikh shrine sacred to Gurū Tegh Bahādur. Gurū Tegh Bahādur visited the site at the beginning of 1666 while on his way to the eastern parts. The memory of his visit was kept alive by a modest single-roomed shrine which was developed into the present Gurdwārā Srī Gurū Tegh Bahādur by Sant Praduman Siṅgh in the early years of the twentieth century. The present building, a multi-storeyed modern structure, was completed in 1971. The ground floor serves as a reception hall. In the hall on the first floor, non-stop recital of the Gurū Granth Sāhib continues simultaneously on several bīṛs. The Gurdwārā, registered as the Srī Gurū Siṅgh Sabhā, is administered by a local managing committee.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)