KARAM SIṄGH NIRMĀLĀ, nephew of Himmat Siṅgh of the Nishānāṅvālī chiefship, who had captured Shāhābād Markāṇḍā and Ismā'īlābād in January 1764 after the sack of Sirhind. On Himmat Siṅgh's death without issue in 1771, Karam Siṅgh succeeded him in the leadership of the Nishānāṅvālī misl. Karam Siṅgh commanded a force of 750 horse and 250 foot. In 1779, he joined 'Abd ul- Ahd, minister of Delhi, in his expedition against Paṭiālā. In January 1786, Karam Siṅgh and others plundered the Gaṅgā Doāb. Again in April 1790, a body of 12,000 Sikhs led by Karam Siṅgh ravaged the Doāb including Hāpuṛ, 57 km from Delhi, and 'Alīgaṛh. Karam Siṅgh sent his vakīl to Mahādjī Scindia, regent of the Mughal empire, demanding more grants of lands in the Doāb. After some time Scindia granted to Karam Siṅgh, Shikārpur in jāgīr and the title of Sardār under the royal seal.

         Karam Siṅgh's son, Khaṛak Siṅgh, was married to Prem Kaur, daughter of Rājā Sāhib Siṅgh of Paṭiālā.


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Sardār Siṅgh Bhāṭīā