KARAM SIṄGH RAṄGHAṚ NAṄGALĪĀ was the son of Natthā Siṅgh who was the first in the family to have become a Sikh and who had joined the Kanhaiyā misl under Jai Siṅgh and ravaged the country around Raṅghaṛ Naṅgal, near the town of Baṭālā in Gurdāspur district. At Raṅghaṛ Naṅgal, he built a strong fort. Karam Siṅgh succeeded to his father's estates, and increased both the power and possessions of the family. He rebuilt and strengthened the fort of Raṅghaṛ Naṅgal, and took up his residence at Amritsar where he built a bazaar, Kaṭṛā Karam Siṅgh, also known as Kaṭṛā Raṅghaṛ Naṅgalīāṅ. When Raṇjīt Siṅgh seized Amritsar, Karam Siṅgh swore fealty to him, and remained ever after his faithful servant. Karam Siṅgh was captain of Raṇjīt Siṅgh's irregulars and he accompanied him on several of his expeditions. He possessed at one time territory to the amount of several lakhs of rupees, principally situated in the Gurdāspur district. He was succeeded by his son, Jamīat Siṅgh, who had been for long in the army and was known for his bravery. Jamiāt Siṅgh with his cousin Rām Siṅgh, was killed at Hāzārā in 1820.


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Sardār Siṅgh Bhāṭīā