KAṬṬŪ SHĀH, a Muslim resident of Kashmīr who converted a Sikh, was known for his piety and devotion. Journeying through Kashmīr once, Gurū Hargobind (1595-1644) put up with him in his house for a night. Later, as says Sarūp Dās Bhallā, Mahimā Prakāsh, a group of Sikhs, on their way to Srīnagar to visit Gurū Hargobind and carrying a jar of honey as their offering, also stayed with Kaṭṭū Shāh who requested them to let him have some honey to taste. They refused saying that they could not do so before the Gurū had partaken of it. When Gurū Hargobind heard the story at Srīnagar, he told the visiting Sikhs that there was no difference between a Sikh and the Gurū. "Whatever is fed to my Sikhs with love, " said Gurū Hargobind, "reaches me. Refusal to give to a needy Sikh reflects lack of faith in the Gurū." He asked them to go back to Kaṭṭū Shāh and give him the jar.


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