KEHAR SIṄGH, a Ghadr leader, was the son of Nihāl Siṅgh of the village of Marhāṇā in Amritsar district. Like many other farmers from his district, he left home to seek his fortune in the United States of America. Responding to the call of the Ghadr Party to make a revolution in India, he set out on return journey and arrived at Delhi in January 1915. By now he was 62 years old. He was arrested and tried in the first Lahore conspiracy case. The charges against him were that he had in his possession three revolvers, ammunition, and three bombs; that he had contributed Rs 1,000 to the common fund at one time and Rs 100 at another, and that a spy, Kirpāl Siṅgh, had met him and others on 18 February 1915 at the village of Dadehar and had exchanged certain articles for three inkpot bombs, some phials and a bottle of acid.

         Kehar Siṅgh was sentenced to transportation for life and forfeiture of property. He died in the Aṇḍamans where he continued fighting till the end against the inhuman 'treatment meted out to the prisoners.


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