KHAṚAK SIṄGH, a close associate of Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh (d. 1856), saintly leader of the popular anti-British uprising of 1848-49. Nothing is known about his early life except that he came of a Jaṭṭ Sikh family. He was arrested near Shām Chaurāsī, Hoshiārpur district, along with Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh, on the night of 28-29 December 1849. When government decided to banish Bhāī Mahārāj Siṅgh to Singapore, Khaṛak Siṅgh offered to go with him. Under a British military guard, the two were put aboard the ship Muhammad Shāh which left Calcutta on 15 May 1850. Their fetters were for the first time removed only after the ship had entered the high seas. Khaṛak Siṅgh devotedly served his leader till his (the latter's) death on 5 July 1856. He himself was released soon after, but was not permitted to return to India.


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M. L. Āhlūwālīā