KIRPĀ RĀM, DĪWĀN (d.1843), civil administrator, soldier and statesman in Sikh times, was the youngest son of Dīwān Motī Rām. In 1819, Kirpā Rām was sent by Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh to Hazārā to settle that turbulent country. The same year he was transferred to the Jalandhar Doāb as governor in place of his father, Motī Rām, entrusted with charge of the Kashmīr province. In 1823, Kirpā Rām joined the Mahārājā with the Doāb forces and took part in the battle of Naushehrā in which the Afghān forces under Muhammad 'Azīm Khān of Kābul suffered a heavy defeat. Dīwān Kirpā Rām took charge of the Sūbah-i- Kāshmīr in 1827. In 1830, owing to Rājā Dhiān Siṅgh's machinations, he was recalled to Lahore on charges of corruption and imprisoned. Thus humiliated, Kirpā Rām made plans to flee Lahore. He secretly slipped across the Sutlej, and repaired to Banāras to join his father. He never returned to Lahore, although attempts were made by the Sandhāṅvālīā chiefs and Mahārāṇī Chand Kaur to recall him to the Punjab. Kirpā Rām died at Haridvār on 11 November 1843.


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