KIRPĀL SIṄGH (d. 1830) came from the neighbourhood of Baṭhiṇḍā in 1770 and received the village of Shāmgaṛh from Sāhib Siṅgh, the Sardār of Lāḍvā, who had married his sister. He joined Sāhib Siṅgh in most of his expeditions. His daughter was married to Kaṅvar Partāp Siṅgh of Jīnd and granddaughter (the daughter of his son, Fateh Siṅgh) to Shāhzādā Sāhdev Siṅgh, son of Mahārājā Sher Siṅgh of Lahore, who lived in Bareilly. Kirpāl Siṅgh died in 1830.


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Sardār Siṅgh Bhāṭīā