KISANĀ, BHĀĪ, of Muzaṅg near Lahore, became a disciple in the time of Gurū Arjan, when the Gurū appointed Bhāī Bhānū to preach among the inhabitants of Muzaṅg, notorious for their lack of morals. Bhāī Kīsanā and Seth Maṅgīṇā were the first who, along with their families, accepted the Sikh teaching. They formed the nucleus of the local saṅgat, and assembled early in the morning to listen to Bhāī Bhānū's discourses and to sing the sacred hymns. Gradually, following their example, others were also converted, and a new pious way of life opened for them. Bhāī Kīsanā joined the voluntary digging of the sacred pool at Amritsar.


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Tāran Siṅgh