KOLĀYAT, popularly pronounced Kulait, a town 52 km southwest of Bikāner (28º-04'N, 73º-21'E), is famous for a temple dedicated to Kapila Munī, an ancient Hindu sage to whom the Sāṅkhya system of philosophy is attributed. According to Sikh chroniclers, Gurū Nānak visited Kolāyat. Gurū Gobind Siṅgh, at the time of his travels through Rājasthān, is said to have stayed here for twelve days. Here Bhāī Dayā Siṅgh and Bhāī Dharam Siṅgh, who had been to Ahmadnagar to deliver to Emperor Auraṅgzīb the Zafarnāmah, the Gurū's letter in Persian verse, rejoined him. However, no Sikh shrine existed here until 1968 when some Sikh residents of the area, led by a Sikh colonizer of Kolāyat, acquired a plot of land and constructed a gurdwārā.

         The gurdwārā is a modest one-room building with a paved platform all around it. Sikh settlers of the surrounding area gather to celebrate Gurū Nānak's birth anniversary on the full-moon day of Kārtik (October-November) every year.


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Major Gurmukh Siṅgh (Retd.)