LĀL SIṄGH (1798-1875), of the village of Talvaṇḍī in Gurdāspur district, saw, like his father Dal Siṅgh, a good deal of service under Mahārājā Raṇjīt Siṅgh. He fought in the Multān and Kashmīr campaigns of 1818-19. He also fought at the famous battle of Jamrūd in April 1837, where his nephew died fighting. Lāl Siṅgh was appointed in 1848 to co-operate with the adālatī or chief justice of the Mājhā region, holding the command of fifty horse. Lāl Siṅgh held half of Talvaṇḍī in proprietary rights. He died in 1875.


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Sardār Siṅgh Bhāṭīā