LĀL SIṄGH MORĀṄVĀLĀ, promoted a general in the Sikh army during the prime-ministership of Jawāhar Siṅgh, was a member of the Council of Regency constituted by Mahārāṇī Jind Kaur in December 1844. He took part in the operation against Rājā Gulāb Siṅgh of Jammū launched by the Lahore Darbār troops in February 1845. During the first Anglo-Sikh war, Lāl Siṅgh Morāṅvālā saw action in the battle of 'Alīvāl (28 January 1846) under the command of Raṇjodh Siṅgh Majīṭhīā. In 1848, he was appointed chief justice of the Sindh Sāgar Doāb. During the Hazārā revolt of 1848 he showed sympathies with Chatar Siṅgh Aṭārīvālā, occupied Wazīrābād, joined Rājā Sher Siṅgh along with his troops and fought against the British. He took part in the battles of Rāmnagar (22 November 1848), Chelīāṅvālā (13 January 1849), and Gujrāt (21 February 1849).


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