MAHESHĀ, BHĀĪ, or Bhāī Mahesā, a rich and influential Dhīr Khatrī of Sultānpur Lodhī, in present-day Kapūrthalā district of the Punjab, once waited upon Guru Amar Dās and begged to be initiated a Sikh. The Gurū, says Sarūp Dās Bhallā, Mahimā Prakāsh, pointed out to him that to be a true Sikh he would have to forsake his love of the riches. "For", added Gurū Amar Dās, "if the riches forsake you, you may be laughed at for being poorly rewarded for your change of faith." Maheshā was firm in his resolve and received the rites of initiation at the Gurū's hands. It so happened that Bhāī Maheshā did suffer heavy losses and became a poor man, ridiculed by others as the Gurū had predicted. But he did not waver in his faith. After some time he regained his former position. He retained the equanimity of his mind in both circumstances, in adversity as well as in affluence. Gurū Amar Dās was pleased at his steadfastness and he bestowed on him the headship of a mañjī or preaching district.


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